Beatrice Vivaldi

Graphic Composer


"Hello, I'm a creative and communicator born and raised in Brescia, Italy. I've red hair and a lot of freckles!"

My name is Beatrice, and I currently thrive as the UX/UI Design Lead at Mònade, where I drive user-centric design strategies for mobile and web applications. With a decade-long career in graphic design, I have had the privilege of leaving my creative imprint at esteemed companies such as Superpartes, Codermine, and Satsearch, a thriving marketplace specializing in space-related products. But my journey extends far beyond professional accomplishments. It all began when I made waves in the gymnastics world as a competitive athlete. However, my passion for the web compelled me to carve out my own path. At the young age of 15 in 2006, I revolutionized rhythmic gymnastics by launching a captivating website with a vibrant global forum. Thriving for an impressive 16 years, I fearlessly ventured into a new endeavor — a rhythmic gymnastics blog. Despite its recent inception, the blog has already attracted a devoted following with thousands of enthusiastic readers and engaging discussions. Additionally, I am proud to be a co-founder and coach at Ginnastica Viktoria Brescia.

“I saw beautiful things, having a different perspective suggested by my perpetual dissatisfaction, and that consoles me still, is that I can not stop watching.”

Edgar Degas

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